Romanian Food in Seattle

Romanian Foods

When we think of food preference of Seattle, Washinton, our mind immediately jumps at the common foods like hotdogs, fried chicken, pancakes, Mac and cheese, and chocolate chip cookies. But let’s just think Romanian Food in Seattle

Over the years, various countries have migrated and settled in Seattle, Washinton and their cuisines have made a mark in people of the US.

Romania is such a country that has brought its cuisine to the Seattle, Washinton. Romanian Mici, with its strength in variety and freshness, has made a mark on US residents. American food lovers are often found visiting the various Romanian restaurants in the country.

Romanian Cuisine

Romanian gastronomical delights have their specialty of having a richly diverse blend of dishes from several traditions such as Turks, Austrian, German, Greek, Hungarian as well as from several eastern and central Europe. In spite of being a diverse blend, each of the cuisines has its own identity.

Few mouth-watering foods which have delighted are

  • Sarmalae (Cabbage Rolls): It is a traditional food of Romanian wedding which Americans enjoy in the streets during festivals and Christmas. This is made up of minced pork, with herbs, sauces, and spices.
  • Mamaliga (Polenta): It is a side dish of Sarmalae prepared as a soup type of liquid with corn flavor, with a pinch of salt and few drops of sunflower oil. It is sour in taste.
  • Ciobra De Burta (Beef Tripped Soup): It is a delicacy to visitors visiting a Romanian restaurant. It is made of beef tripe along with beef and pork legs, with vegetables with little garlic, vinegar and touch of little chili pepper. There are other two soups which are
  • Ciorba De Oase( bone soup) and Ciorba De Pui(chicken soup) Mici (grilled minced meat rolls): It is finger-sized grilled beef & pork meat wrapped with garlic, spices and sodium bicarbonate. The name is a Romanian word which means small ones.
  • Pomana Piucui (Honoring the pig): This dish is prepared from fresh pork meat. It is prepared from pork fried in its own fat. It is a rural traditional food in Romania.
  • Cozonac (Sweet Bread): It is a Christmas delight found in many stores. It is prepared with walnut paste and poppy seed paste or Turkish delight with raisins.
  • Muraturi (Pickled Vegetables): A dish that contains various fruits and vegetables starting from tomatoes, cabbage to watermelon.

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