Exciting times ahead! Connect Lounge Coaching Division is launching as of March 2021.

Why coaching you might say? What’s coaching got to do with a bar? Well- it’s got everything to do with a bar focused on human connection like Connect Lounge.

Coaching is centered on humanity just like we are. Coaching makes you think and answer life’s complicated questions just like some of our conversation starters or our Connect Wall. It’s not for nothing we have been called ‘a place that makes you think’. Coaching can be a starting point to bring more clarity into your life which generates inspiration and hat’s what we have been secretly hoping to do with our little bar… We know …..its philosophical… and true .☺ And it’s all coming together!

Coaching’s philosophy is that each human being is powerful, whole, and capable to build the life they want and that coincides with Iulia’s life philosophy

What is coaching really?

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The coach has the questions and the client has the answers that will help them deepen the learning and forward action in their lives.

Iulia’s coaching credentials:

Iulia is currently in process of being certified as an ICF (international Coaching Federation) professional coach. She was trained in coaching at the invitechange coaching school, https://www.invitechange.com/ institution accredited by the ICF.

When coaching is most effective:

Coaching works best when the client is motivated, personally accountable and vulnerable.

What coaching is NOT:

  • therapy
  • mentoring
  • consulting


How will it work at Connect Lounge?

Existing clients of Connect Lounge will benefit from up to three 30-min virtual free coaching sessions and life -time free informal 5-min coaching sessions while at the bar when Iulia is around. (before drinks are served of course 😀).

Paid sessions and contracts will be done ONLY with non-clients of the bar, therefore we will be welcoming your referrals over time