By Iulia / August 14, 2020

Ruminations during coronavirus times

If there’s one thing I got during these coronavirus times, is TIME. I got time to sit back. Time to...

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By Iulia / May 19, 2020

Celebrating Connect’s 2nd year anniversary

May 19th 2020 is our 2nd year anniversary! A special day in my life. I still remember this day when...

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By Iulia / April 20, 2020

Bors cu cartofi, anyone?

It’s amazing what having quite a bit of time at hand does to a human being. Though I am not...

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By Iulia / April 9, 2020

Cheers to awesome friends and the things we learn from them

Sometimes, we meet wonderful people in our lives. Maria, my best friend, is one of these people. I typically enjoy...

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By Iulia / March 27, 2020

Persistence, persistence, persistence

Below is a little excerpt from my e-book “Practicing persistence” that talks about my first job search experience in the...

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By Iulia / March 9, 2020

Sometimes you just gotta take a risk and go after what you want 😊

I took three big risks in my life so far - I call them the three jumps. And I believe...

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