Ruminations during coronavirus times

If there’s one thing I got during these coronavirus times, is TIME. I got time to sit back. Time to think. Think about many many things.

Since Connect’s vision is so centered around human connection, I knew from the beginning that doing simply take out does not make any sense for our business model. Take-out on its own takes out the magic, and without that magic, we are not Connect anymore.

So, during the lockdown, for about four months (and even now with limited hours) it’s been plenty of time for me to think and experience life in a different way.

You see, I have this philosophy in life, or belief (you might call it!) that there’s meaning behind any experience in our life, no matter how positive or dark it may be. I always ask myself: Why is this happening to me? Is there anything I can learn from this about myself? Is there anything good I can take from this? How can I use this experience to my advantage to move forward? Now: this question does not come to me when I am in the middle of emotions or overwhelmed by emotions😊.

It is at the back of my mind and once the storm is over, or close to over, I always ponder over the meaning of the experience. I never felt that any experience is 100% negative. Even if, on the surface, it looks 100% negative, there’s always a grain of knowledge I can take with me forward- and that’s positive and beneficial for me!

Think about this: Connect was finally doing way better than before. The last 4 months before the lockdown were the best we’ve had in two years…Looks like we were going to make it…

And coronavirus came…I felt sent back to the drawing board (like millions of people probably!). It was like- yeap- you did all this work, good for you; now we are going to erase everything and you’re gonna start over. Do you even want to start over? Biggest question of all times 😊.

DO YOU WANT TO START OVER? Or do you want a completely new beginning choosing a new path? Or do you want to open a new chapter in the same book? Or do you want to work on a shelf to put your current book in? In my case, the book’s name was Connect.

I got all this time and a new way to experience life. I love having fun too! Doing things I enjoy like : being in nature and reading, exploring places I have not seen before, having deep interesting meaningful conversations with people, sharing awesome experiences with the people I love. 

I did not get to do some of these things in the first almost two years as Connect was open. Does this mean I do not want to do this anymore? Hell no!

I love doing something on my own, and I definitely want to continue being self-employed. I love it how I feel when I’m at Connect! I LOVE IT!

But a new question was born from this experience of lockdown: what if I can still be self-employed and also live more some of these experiences I had in the last 5 months? What if that is possible?

What if I can take the learnings I had as a business owner in the last 2 years and apply them to create a new vision for my life where I am self -employed and live a healthy life both personally and professionally? So now, that’s something that I’m spending some of my time on these days …..😊

What are some of the things or questions that came to you in the last 5 months? Any ruminations? Would love to hear them.

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