Olive Melange


House Bread Basket


Spiced Nuts


Mici – one of our * best sellers *

A wonderful blend of ground beef, pork, lamb and spices. Served with Macrina Bread on the side 13 / Add Fries 15.  This is a Romanian dish and we’re the only place in Seattle that serves authentic Romanian cuisine – this is literally Iulia’s ( the owner’s ) mothers secret Romanian recipe!


PNW Sourced Cured Meats and Sausages with Seasonal Accompaniments, Grilled Bread 13 / 25

Cheese Assortment

A Selection of Local and European Cheeses with Seasonal Accompaniments, Grilled Bread 12 / 23

Connect Combo

A Wonderful Assortment of Meats, Cheeses and+ Seasonal Accompaniments with Grilled Bread 15 / 29

Smoked Salmon

Fried capers, pickled shallots, horseradish creme fraiche, and grilled bread 15

House Salad

Made with fresh local seasonal ingredients

Grilled Seasonal Vegetables

8 9/Add Bacon & Egg. 10

Handcut Fries – also one of our *best sellers*

Served with Ketchup and House Aiol. 6

Connect Dessert


Wine and Beer

Food specials available every week -“just ask us when you are here.”

Cocktails – House Crafted Cocktails

Celebration 12 – BEST SELLING cocktail on our menu!

Jalapeno infused tequila. prickly pear puree, triple sec and lime juice

In the end, the adventure was all about the sweetness and the spice..just like in life.

One (The Beginning) 14

Crater Lake Rye, lemon, Giffards apricot, Giffards banana, rhubarb bitters

And here they were..embarking on a new adventure for which they had prepared for so long.

The Story Teller 14

Brandy, Chartreuse, lemon, Maraschino Liqueur

They had lots of unexpected encounters and learned many stories on the way.

Memories 13

Amaro, Soda, Sparkling wine

She saw it and it reminded her of that spring evening with clear skies and beautiful mountains.

Spicy Connection 14 – one of our top three best selling cocktails!

Mescal, pineapple habanero shrub, basil

It was hot and sunny there but did not stop them from continuing the journey.

Summer Poem 12

Vanilla vodka Giffards crème de violette, Lemon Juice, lemon wedge

Summer was finally there and this little park had beautiful violets on the side of the road.

Discovery – one of our top three best selling cocktails!

Citrus vodka, housemade pomegranate juice, lemon, ginger beer

After many trials, someone told them of a new way to get to that place they wanted to get to.

The Unexpected 13

OOLA Gin, Giffards  Strawberry Liqueur, Lime, peach, housemade ginger syrup

An unexpected visitor brought ideas and opened new doors that seemed so exciting.

Bliss 12

Bulleit, Crème de mure, touch of grenadine, Top w/ soda

The Lady invited her guests to listen to her new poem on that dark cloudy night.

The Unknown 12

Gin, Lime, crème de mure

And they decided to voluntarily walk together into the unknown..were they heroes?

Instant Connections


All Local PNW on draft 7

Red Wine Glass/ Bottle 

Raconteur, 70% Cabernet 2015 WA.
House Red 13/25

Murfatlar, Pinot Noir 2013, Romania 9/25
Essay, Syrah 2015, SA 9/28

White Wine glass/ bottle

Raconteuer, White Blend, 2104 WA.
(House White) 11/ 36

Avalon Chardonnay 2106.
California 9/34

Marisco Vineyards Fernlands
Sauvignon Blanc 2017
NZ 10/ 35

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