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Outlast is the first horror game that lends classical and season amnesia with new features that give it a personality. In Outlast, you have to survive the madness and violence that is taking place in an illegal refuge. With an acceptable plot, excellent control and plenty of closing times, the Outlast promlosel is the most powerful game ever. But is it? (Reviews-pages-desktop-pages);)); The blood, intestines and oysterOutlast are scary – at the beginning. The game is well developed in the heir,Thousands of Upsur, and make sure you have a hard time (which is crucial). This story is normal, but very effective on the screen, especially for blood and gore scenes. Outlast is not a game for the weak: abusive, violent and completely under your skin. Now, Outlast makes a mistake that you do not need to do in a horror game: normal. The question is new, scared, sad and tired, and is really a scary game that makes your hair stand up and your raffle race. But after thefirst shot, survive go into order. A “scary” source disappears rapidly, so there’s a challenge in the inisedikit game differences, which means that they always overcome the same way: Go there, activate buttons or levers and povtorete.Outlast is rarely Its linear part of the game you’re moving is free, you do not need open doors or logs in your room. This line has two clear aims: the first is your protection. If the game has no control over what you areyou do or where you are going, you will not be able to activate some unexpected events to get you out of the room. The second effect of this palliative is that if you look full at Outlast, you’ll see that this is a giant pos. Each part of the game is a special sequel, and if you do not do that, you probably will not survive. Discover an invisible path – some include croping in all four, hiding or lantaikilil, avoiding deformation or running for your life infierce victimization – is the key to moving on in the game. Outlast does not try (or fails) to psychologically disturb more than the first hour. After experiencing this initial trauma, Outlastdim but for intestines, blood and mother, along with many fears, all the time above, a terrible amount. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because, among other things, Outlast knows when to implement this sequence and make crying for your mother. But unlike other games like Amnesia (almost all referencesrefer to the genre) where you are caught carefully considering the game and the plot, Outlast goes to the BOO easily! GO GO! Moments Realistic Movement A fiction of the most important survivors is managed and how it affects the game. Despite playing the game the first, our movements on the screen are very realistic: how the body hit our hands our support on the floor or rounded corners, how we move and look back, all the controls are sent, people’s movements andPut you firm in the shoe The poor will be the only Mayls.Videokamerata andaalat in the game. it allows You look in the dark through your infrared mode, but the battery runs out when you use it, and you’ll need to find a new one at the level . The use of the camera offers many sad moments in Outlast, although you may not be less battery because the game balances the level of difficulty by giving you battery as long as you need it youchi.

Exceptional graphics and powerful soundOutlast using Unreal Engine 3. It is well used and generally well suited. Better yet, all central computers can resist it with a crew but they still enjoy excellent performance. The game combines light and shades and infrared cameras for great effects (very realistic camera filters). The value of identifying blood on the walls, scattered bodies, intestines – as well as some of the best things you see during your journey. Together,Outlast has incredible graphics that are covered by small issues that are typical of Unreal Engine 3 as a non-existent physical object (these drain is similar in the wall … aarrgh!) right in referring to the sounds – the real stars of all the horrible games – Outlast is very powerful. Fearful transactions, with foreign voices and joy, actions, breaking things, all focus on giving you a horrible experience. Conclusion Olympics is a great game to fear you and getsomething that will take time for you to interfere with them. All the production is quite incredible and, although it is a very linear game, it does not take a very good design. Control and some scenes really stand out. Is Alllast the best horror game at all times? In the final he depends on who plays and how sensitive it is. But in any case, if you like the genre, you have to make it sure.