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Max Payne 2:

Max Payne 2: Fall of Max Payne is the secondary part of the legendary series Max Payne and improves everything the predecessor must offer. More action, more adventure and more huge now-made styles that the original game liked among fans. So, if you like the first Max Payne, then step into more! Max Payne back against Max Payne 2: Max Payne’s fall starts with Max and returns to his old role as a NYPD detective. This time it’s an unexpected facefrom his past and finally embroidered in a case of old misconductthreats with new ones. Will it be at the top, or will this be the last case of Max Payne? Well, that will depend on how well you play the game – at Max Payne in Back in Action, the Max Payne fate is in your hands! (Function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Gameplay PulseMax Payne 2: Fall of Max Payne offers a third-person shooter game that lets you on the edge of your seat. Use speed and skill to eliminate enemies,collect pesticide drugs to restore lost health and enable the role of bullet time to add a newangle to the gameplay. No shooter could lose the opportunity to put himself in the heat of the steps with the second adventure Max Payne.

You can now order this game in advance, which will be released on June 1st

Max Payne 3, pure and simple is an action game. Sequence Rockstar on Max Payne 2 of 2003 remains faithful to the series, and always looks for the block that we expect in 2012.


YesMax Payne 3 continues with its third-person shooter’s heritage. Bullet time is again an essential part of yourattempt to survive tons of enemies and scenes that are full of bullets aimed at you. There are three target methods – a hard and soft lock and a free target method for the benefits available there. Hard Lock sets your net on targets and moves with it, while Saga Lock Maxagosaf (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); The intense shootouts are told by flash-back-back,when Max tells how his life is hitting the rock in So Paulo city. Breaking scenes flows smoothly into the stage, making Max Payne 3 very strong.I hope that we will see more of these seamless actions in GTA V, the many different methods are the great ‘Gang Wars’ that occur like minisage between two gangs. Bullet time is also well integrated in multi-player, so that everyone in your look line is also spelled when Sound

Max Payne 3 looks great. YesShe is full of visual effects that contribute to the feeling of a Max story that has been suspended and the environments are sent beautifully. Rockstar is not disappointed in operating and voting, and Max Payne3 is not an exception. Max itself is pretty brilliant and the soundtrack is perfectly suited to the sound of the bullets that fall around favelas So multiplayer in Max Payne 3, which means you play the a game for a long time, but the single player campaign also offers a great challenge.Even with Lock Hard, this game becomes difficult, but it makes it more satisfactory when you

Max Payne 3 is a worthy sequel, with lots of acting, plot and atmosphere. The action is challenging and stressful, but always fun enoughto make you try and try again. It may not be as original or revolutionary as LA Noire, but Max Payne 3 is a much more complete game and a hafodolar title for 2012.